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Darren Simons

Head of TEL Innovation, Suffolk New College

Google Certified Innovator & Trainer

Darren is the Head of Technology Enhanced Learning and Innovation at Suffolk New College. He is also the Course Leader for the Initial Teacher Training in FE programme at the University of Suffolk. He is a Google Trainer and Innovator.

Darren Simons
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Creating interactive reports in Google Data Studio

Learn how to use Google Data Studio to make data analysis reports more meaningful for the user. You will learn how to design an interactive report and how to add customisable filters for users to find the data that impacts them. This might be filtering the report to show a department level or to find an individual student. You will also learn how to share your report with staff in a school or a college.

Getting Chatty with a Chatbot

In this session, you will discover how chatbots could be used in education and how you can design your own in Google Dialog Flow. We will showcase how a Google Innovator project has grown from a simple chatbot to one that can produce detailed progress reports on an individual student in 10 seconds.

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