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Sammy White

Educator, Harrogate College

Google Certified Innovator, Trainer & Coach

Sammy is an FE maths lecturer now consulting with colleges across the country on developing their use of education technology and advising on their strategies for teaching and learning. Sammy was the first female Google for Education Certified Coach in Europe. She is also a Google innovator and trainer.

Sammy White
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Building Communities Online

We will explore the need for connection and how to create spaces for students and staff to connect online. Exploring the work of Dr Lou Mycroft with a digital lens we will provide examples of how communities can be created and thrive digitally.

Making GIFs for modelling in the classroom

In this session you will learn about the digital divide and how GIFs can bridge this. You will see sample model GIFs in action (e.g. how to demonstrate mathematical procedures to learners) and learn how to create your own.

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